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530674 - Arrogante Tequila - Blanco  -  $44.99


Discover the Ultimate Perfection!

This truly ultra-premium tequila is produced by artisanal methods from 100% Weber blue agave grown in the rich volcanic soil of Jalisco’s Highlands. Mature agaves are slowly baked in traditional stone ovens and the juice from the first pressing only is then fermented at low temperatures using a proprietary strain of yeast for four days. While much slower and labor-intensive, these methods ensure that the starches in the juice are properly converted into flavorful sugars resulting in tequila with a fruity and complex taste. Arrogante is double distilled and aged in American white oak barrels, used previously in bourbon production.

Arrogante Anejo is rated 93 by Anthony Dias Blue, the founder of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and hailed by the industry experts: “Unique and Edgy” (The Tasting Panel Magazine), “Instant Classic In-the-Making”, “Altogether Sublime” (Robert Plotkin, Barmedia). Arrogante is presented in hand-decorated matted wide-mouth jars and embossed tin containers. Super Anejo is available as well.