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34148 - Charbay S Hop Flavored Whiskey No 211A  -  $112.99


Distilled from Racer 5 IPA® Beer

Key Facts: 

New! In February 2011, Marko became intrigued by Bear Republic's Big Bear Stout - a beer that you can really sink your teeth into. The bold, roasty, caramel malt flavor is balanced by Centennial and Cascade hops. 

"It's extremely complex. Single malts only use a single malt—this Stout has over five different malts, as well as adjuncts and several different hop varieties. All of these qualities come through into an extremely complex whiskey," explains Marko.

Charbay 'S' Whiskey was double-distilled in the family's copper Alambic Charentais Pot Still.  Working 24 hours a day for 10 days straight, Marko distilled 6,000 gallons of beer distills into 590 gallons of whiskey (almost 10:1 ratio) to create roughly 650 cases altogether (10 barrels).

Flavor profile: dried apricot, honeysuckle, vanilla, roasted coffee, orange zest, hints of cardamom, chocolate malt, rich and chewy, brown spice

Aged in for 29 months in used French Oak

Technical Facts: 

Alcohol: 49.5 % Alc. By Vol 99 Proof 

Bottle Size: 750 ml

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy room temperature neat, with a splash of spring water or a spring water ice cube.