Keystone State Wine and Spirits is Pennsylvania’s premier organic licensed wine and spirits broker-marketer.  

In contrast to “Open States” where private independent beverage distributors and retailers handle wine, spirits and beer sales, in Pennsylvania the states controls and regulates the distribution and sale of all alcoholic products.  The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB), the official state entity that handles the actual distribution and retail sale of wine and spirits in Pennsylvania, is the largest such “Control State” operation in the United States.  Keystone State Wine and Spirits is a licensed distributor in Pennsylvania and works according to all Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board’s regulations. 

Since its recent entry into the spirits market Keystone State Wine and Spirits (Keystone) has been the leading organic wine and spirits distributor in Pennsylvania.  Keystone is making its mark based on its commitment to delivering the highest quality of customer service provided by hands-on, professional and well-educated sales staff.  Our representatives are ready to meet the needs of our customers and our suppliers.  Additionally, Keystone’s unique interest in growing the Organic Experience is beneficial for the consumer and for the country as a whole.  The brands we represent have a like-minded vision of keeping our planet clean. 

Keystone’s ongoing commitment to working directly with spirit makers and distilleries ensures intimate knowledge and passion for all the products we represent.  This puts us in the best possible position to promote the products; the focus at Keystone is to grow with our brands, not to grow by adding a plethora of brands. 

With more than 40+ sales and support staff Keystone is positioned to make an immediate impact. Corporate Headquarters are located in Harrisburg, the capital of our great state.  Products are housed in a 15,000 square foot climate controlled PLCB licensed warehouse.