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5531354 - Ferllen Gran Reserva Malbec  -  $29.99


Carefully crafted, its rich and vibrant red colors yield to a mature concentration of mazzard cherry and currants mixed with hints of white pepper, vanilla and caramel descendent from its aging oak. The perfect wine to savor without any food but if you must, any plain roasted or a traditionally barbecued Argentine Steak. To enhance the taste of our Malbec Grand Reserve it is recommended to air out for 45 minutes prior to drinking. Will be a great companion the impeccable flavours of Ferllen Winery’s Malbec Grand Reserve. 


Harvest: 2008
Aging: 18 months French and American oak barrels. Clarified & bottled
Alcohol: 14.4 (%)
Total Acidity: 5.61 (g/l)
Etheral Acidity: 0.64 (g/l)
Reduced Sugars: 2.25 (g/l)
Extract: 31.58 (g/l)
Total (SO2):118(mg/l)

Hand-made harvest
Chilling of the ground grape
Pre-Soaking Fermentation in cool storage for 7 days
Alcoholic Fermentation
between 22 and 26°C with daily over-pumping depending on taste preference. Soaking for 40 days Pressed Malolactic Fermentation

Storage Suggestions
Serving Temperature: .16/18 ºC Storage: 10 (years) 

Location: Valle del Uco-La Consulta- Mendoza Altitude: 1050 (meters) Age: 80 (years) Performance: 75 (qq/ha)

Tasting Notes:
Aspect: Intense red with gleams of violaceous tints of blues and violets.
Scent: red fruits like plums, figs, followed by an elegant touch of oak, vanilla, chocolate, and tobacco
Taste: Round, wholesome with a balanced acidity.
Pairings: The ideal wine for cheeses, red meats, pasta, chocolate, and desserts. It’s the perfect companion for a traditionally
barbecued Argentine steak.

Decanter and/or aerator suggested-let wine decant for 45 minutes.