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531278 - Ferllen Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon  -  $24.99


Considered the ‘ideal food wine’. It seems to have a particular affinity with lamb but goes well with plain roast, grilled meats and would be an excellent choice for many sauced meat dishes such as beef casserole, steak and substantial dishes made with mushrooms.


Varietal: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Harvest: 2009
Aging: 9 months in French and American oak barrels. Clarified & bottled
Alcohol: 13.75 (%)
Total Acidity: 5.05 (g/l)
Ethereal Acidity: 0.42 (g/l)
Reduced Sugars: 2.57 (g/l)
Extract: 64 (g/l)
(SO2):33 (mg/l)
Total (SO2): 60.5 (mg/l)

Hand-made harvest
Chilling of the ground grape
Pre- Soaking Fermentation in cool storage for 4 days Alcoholic Fermentation between 22 and 26°C with daily over-pumping depending on taste preference.
Soaking for 20 days
Malolactic Fermentation

Location: Valle del Uco-La Consulta-Mendoza
Altitude: 1050 (meters)
Performance: 85 (qq/ha)
Vinyard Age: 20 (years)

Aspect: Intense granite with gleams of violaceous tints.
Scent: Complex scent of figs, soft tobacco, Blackcurrant, and berries with traces of red pepper typical of a Cabernet followed by secondary aromas of vanilla.
Taste: Cherry and currants, vigorous tannin with a subtle acidity, fresh and unctuous, delightful at the end of the tongue.
Pairings: The ideal wine for cheeses, dry fruits, chocolate mouse and select seafood.

Storage Suggestions:
Serving Temperature: .15/18 ºC

Storage: 6 (years)