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531279 - Ferllen Reserve Malbec  -  $24.99


The most common descriptors to the Argentine Malbec is its balanced texture, deep plum color and round deep flavors. Fresh but complex production with scents of prunes, figs and a soft hints of tobacco and vanilla. It is perfectly paired with cheeses, dry fruits such as nuts to stand out its tannic taste. Ferllen Winery Malbec Reserve is also a perfect companion to traditionally barbecued Argentine steak.


Varietal: 100% Malbec
Harvest: 2009
Aging: 9 months French and American oak barrels. Clarified & bottled
Alcohol: 13.70 (%)
Total Acidity: 5.40 (g/l)
Ethereal Acidity: 0.50 (g/l)
Reduced Sugars: 1.78 (g/l)
Extract: 27.91 (g/l)
(SO2): 36 (mg/l)
Total (SO2): 118 (mg/l)

Hand-made harvest
Chilling of the ground grape
Pre-Soaking Fermentation in cool storage for 4 days Alcoholic Fermentation between 22 and 26°C with daily over-pumping depending on taste preference.
Soaking for 30 days
Malolactic Fermentation

Serving Temperature: .15/18 ºC
Storage: 6 (years)

Location: Valle del Uco La Consulta -Mendoza
Altitude: 1050 (meters)
Age: 20 (years)
Performance: 85 (qq/ha)

Tasting Notes:
Aspect: Intense ruby with gleams of violaceous tints, and deep hues of violet-black.
Scent: Red fruits like plums, figs
Taste: Round, wholesome, unctuous
Pairings: It is perfect with dry fruits, such as nuts, as it brings out its tannic taste. The ideal wine for cheeses, red meats, pasta, and traditionally barbecued Argentine steak.